New Hencon AGV is next step in mobile solutions

29 may 2017

In the light metal production industry, with its 24/7 continuity of operation, there is a constant challenge to further improve the safe working environment. Hencon stepped into this challenge by developing a solution for the transportation of anodes without operators. The first Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are delivered to the potroom of an aluminium production plant.

The Hencon engineers have developed a fully autonomous computer controlled electrical vehicle for this purpose. “We had to take into consideration lots of external factors of which the magnetic field was the most challenging” stated project manager Rudi Roth of Hencon. “After an extensive test period we have made the AGVs in such a way that there will be no direct influence from the magnetic field on the operation of the machine”.

The Hencon AGV can run 24/7 between all positions within the complete area that has been programmed. Along the route mounted positioning tags ensure that the AGV will follow the right route at all times. The machine operates with a maximum deviation of only 15 mm and will remain accurate even if the positioning tags are blocked. The unique Hencon Supervising System creates the most efficient routing. The AGV will be directed to the specific locations that are indicated by the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This guarantees that the AGV is always at the right time at the right place and ensures the best production efficiency.

The opportunity charging capability of the AGV is one of its unique features. The AGV will charge at locations within the route. Unlike lead-acid batteries, there is no need for an additional charging room with the lithium-ion battery technology. The charges can be short and will take place whenever the machine will have some minutes to spare within the process.

The Hencon AGV features a number of safety measures in order to avoid any collision with people or objects. Several sensors assure that the AGV reduces speed and stops in time in order to avoid any collision. All in all Hencon sets improved safety standards for the transportation of anodes in a potroom environment.

Manager Sales Elwin Roetman: “At Hencon we constantly look into possibilities to improve our customer’s productivity by supplying them with solutions that not only assure a stable and safe production process but also benefit in generating a sustainable profit for our customers.” With the development of AGVs, Hencon has taken the next step into the mobile solutions for the light metal industry.


New Hencon AGV is next step in mobile solutions