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19 oct

Hencon participates in innovative IoT-project

Hencon has joined the EMBIPRO project. In this project Hencon aims, together with several regional partners, to improve its product range with the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). The project contributes to the Hencon aspiration of further improving quality and experience of the delivered products and services.

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12 jul

Alba selects Hencon for major order

26, that was the number of vehicles for which Alba Bahrain was looking for a supplier. Being able to choose between several renowned suppliers of specialized vehicles for potrooms, Alba Bahrain chose Hencon as the supplier for their whole line 6 project fleet.

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We realize that your main concern is your output and your quality. Your machines should perform in order to keep your plant running and reach these output levels. Our machines are designed to perform in the hot smelter environment with high magnetic fields, in the dusty mines with rough operators and in the secondary aluminium industry where space is often an issue.

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hot metal transport

"Thanks to Hencon we achieved an uptime of 95%, therefore we actually need less machines"

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